Q. When will I receive the instructions on installing the 2020 Design Live?

A. You should have now received email from 2020 to process this order. Once payment is recorded, then 2020 will send you the welcome email.  This will contain all information you need to know to install 2020 Design Live version.

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Q. How can I download the ITBUREAU catalogue for 2020 Design Live?

A. Download LINK for ITBureau catalogue. See this PDF for instructions to install.

Q. How can I download the new LMNX_NZ catalogues?

A. Download LINK for LMNX_NZ catalogues. See this PDF for instructions to install.

Q. How can I download the NZ Textures Enhancement Tools?

A. First, know what version of 2020 Design Live you are using.  Go to HELP – ABOUT 2020 DESIGN.  Second, download the installation file that corresponds to the version of your 2020 Design Live and install the file. See links for PDF instructions below.

Q. I have not received email to process my subscription to 2020 Design Live.

A. Please contact Angelo Wolfram, 2020 Regional Sales Manager APAC for 2020, at +61 407 803 499; email angelo.wolfram@2020spaces.com

Q. I need assistance to download and install 2020 Design Live, who do I contact?

For 2020 support you can contact the following: